Our client testimonials and what they are saying about their experiences!

Teri and her staff have done an incredible job managing our Georgia Council of Chiropractic (GCC) social media. We have been working with her company for almost 2 years and she has increased our engagement, helped us to bring more people to our events and increased our following. When we have an upcoming event, she is on it and has a plan of action to utilize social media to gain traction, awareness and attendance.
Teri often speaks at our GCC seminars to help our doctors gain knowledge and most importantly gain skills to implement social media strategies in their practices. She has a way of presenting that is entertaining, professional and her willingness to share her up to date knowledge is immensely valuable to our audience. We highly recommend having Teri present at your next event or seminar!”

— Katrine Frazier
Teri is awesome! I love the content she places on my page, getting new patients, thanks Teri! You’re the best!
— Dr. Mark Cafagna, DC
Teri, Just a quick word to tell you how pleased I am with the results since I made the decision to have you manage my office Facebook page. You’ve proven that you’re always just a phone call away and always so easy to work with. We’re closing in on 800 likes and growing steadily. Thanks so much!
— Jim Edwards DC
I started with Teri’s Facebook marketing and management service less than a month ago with some hesitation not knowing if this was going to be money well spent. In only a few weeks my clinic has seen a nice increase in the number of people following our Facebook page, and more importantly I just had 3 new patients yesterday who each stated they called me because they kept seeing my information pop up on Facebook. It’s already more than paying for itself in the first month of me using her services. I’m happy with the results, and I think you will be too!
— Dr. John Larson
I think your Social Media Service is great. The speed at which you attacked this has been impressive. The posts are relevant and interesting. Very happy!
— Dr. Siniard
Teri has done an amazing job with my business Facebook Page. She has worked hard to customize it to my business. It is such a pleasure to work with creative people who really have growing your business at heart. Thanks for all you are doing! It looks GREAT!!!!!

Many blessings!
— Dr. Rochelle, N.D.
Great job Teri! I’m getting good feedback from patients.
— Dr. Ross Markowitz
Teri, Thanks for all your great work with our FB page. I really love all your posts and think that they have good variety and relevance.
— Dr. Kelsall
Great avenue to get my message out!! It’s tough enough managing a busy office but with Teri and Social Media, it’s turn key with her. Great daily posts and advertising that keeps our office full with awesome people! Thank Teri.
— Dr. Ron Rosnermanz
Teri has made a dramatic impact on my business. Her keen awareness of the needs of the readers of my Facebook page is unparalleled. She definitely has her finger on the pulse of what is needed to build a large and loyal following. I can’t say enough about her unique and must need service. If you have never used facebook or are presently using facebook I recommend you seriously consider hiring an expert to handle this important marketing strategy. Facebook is the ticket to massive growth in your business and you definitely don’t want to leave any room for doubt on how to make it work. Teri is the real deal. Thanks Teri!
— Ron Grisanti
I knew that social media was a huge part of marketing these days, but I knew very little about it, and I really didn’t care to mess with it. I just happened to hear about Teri. She takes care of EVERYTHING and for a very reasonable fee. We started two months ago and had an embarrassing 68 likes. We are already over 500 likes and plan to be over 1,000 in the next 60 days!
— Dr. Jamie Bramblett
I have had a big jump in likes and interactions between my page and those that like it. I have had a few patients that we haven’t seen in the office that have replied to a post and been reactivated as a patient. Any colleague or friend looking to improve their social media presence will be referred to you. Thank You
— Dr. Brennan Bates

I have been in practice for over 18 years.When I decided to take my clinics to the next level, I knew that having a first class social media presence was critical. Having no expertise in that area meant that I would have to find someone that could develop and implement a winning strategy. I did my homework and found Teri Kanan.
She is a social marketing expert in a class of her own. Hiring Teri has been the best business decision that I have made in a long time. She is a joy to work with and truly cares. I can't say enough good things about her.


-Jim Gaeta DC, CSCS

You didn’t tell me you were magical. 1000 new likes in just a few weeks is truly magical. Thanks sooooo much for everything you are doing. Keep on doing just what you are doing. Absolutely love how our State Association has grown!
— Alan M. Immerman DC, Arizona Chiropractic Association President

"We've been using Teri's AWESOME service now for about 3 months or more. Teri has helped us tremendously organize our social media platforms and give us great tips to optimize our Social Media Pages. The content Teri posts is relevant to our style of practice which is mostly weight loss and functional medicine. Teri is very easy to get in touch with and her service is impeccable. Tasks and requests are performed in a VERY quick and prompt manner. I just referred my wife to Teri and we couldn't be happier!! I highly recommend working with Teri and wish I knew about her years ago!" Mahalo Teri!

-Dr. Chris Colgin

Teri Pflegar and Chiropractic Social Media Marketing has been an integral part of the League of Chiropractic Women’s Social Media strategy. She has worked with us for the last 5 years in a number of different capacities. Through her efforts, the LCW’s Facebook Page has grown from 1000 members to over 6,000! With her help, we are now expanding our media reach into other platforms. Teri has always been very responsive and easy to work with and has made a difference for our organization with her knowledge and expertise.
— Dr. Kim Stetzel, League of Chiropractic Women President
A wise man once told me, stick with your strengths, and find someone else to handle your weaknesses “ I am not not proficient in Facebook and don’t care to learn, but have since realized the power behind the marketing efforts associated with it. Teri is strong as an ‘Ox’ when it comes to Facebook and I am blessed to have her on board while she helps to skyrocket the growth in my business, Thank you Teri
— Scott Coletti DC
Your willingness to go the extra mile and do more than expected for my business was amazing. In the 5 months we have worked together my ‘likes’ have gone from 80 to 850… wow!!! Yes, I would highly recommend your services. Thank you, Teri for helping me out tremendously with my social media and website content for I would not have been able to do it on my own.
— Dr. Bastidas
I have been a chiro since 1985 and done every type of marketing. Teri’s service and professionalism are great. I have more hits using her service in 1-month than my web page did all year. The first week I got two new auto cases. I would recommend her service to anyone and if you don’t want to spend the money don’t complain about your life to anyone except yourself. It’s crazy to keep doing what you are doing you need Teri help.
— Dr. Crank

I think Teri is fabulous! I'm shocked at how quickly she has changed my Facebook page from dull and lifeless to a powerful referral source in just a few days! Check out my Facebook page to see what she has done at BalancingHormonesNaturally. Thank you Teri!

-Dr. Patricia Beckstead, B.S., D.C.

Teri is a master at social media and has a BIG heart for SERVICE... it’s a magical combination. Check out her AFFORDABLE services if you want to grow your business!
— Kimberly Goreham
Teri’s social media skills have been real helpful by improving our SEO Rankings and bringing in more patients. Her postings are very positive and have definitely helped increase our Facebook likes and keep the ones we have. She is very professional and very responsive. Thank You!
— Aimee Pragle
Teri is very professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. She creates wonderful ads that result in NEW PATIENTS! Thanks Teri!
— Dr. Lee Weiner
Great job Teri! I’m getting good feedback from patients and getting new patients.
— Dr. Ross Markowitz
After 2 and a half weeks our Facebook likes doubled! The information posted is both informative and interesting! I would highly recommend!
— Holli- Oklahoma Chiropractor